Steps to Join IFC

  1. Review the club operating rules and bylaws
  2. Contact membership team with any questions or to discuss club rules
  3. Review cost of membership
  4. Fill out a membership application
  5. Make a copy of driver's license, pilot license, medical, last BFR (as applicable)
  6. Send application, payment, and document copies (via email or postal mail)
  7. Await your welcome packet indicating director approval of your membership
  8. After joining, arrange for club check-out flights with an approved instructor
  9. If you have currency or training needs, contact our chief pilot for references

Payment amount due to IFC upon joining

Send completed forms, documents, and payment check to:
IFC c/o Bob Buchner, 1316 Kallien Ct, Naperville IL, 60540
Use as recipient for money transfer apps,
make sure you select friends and family, not a business purchase.